ILA India
Serving Library Profession
Since 1933
ILA India
Serving Library Profession
Since 1933

S.No. Status Membership ID Email First Name Last Name Plan Duration Modified
1 Subscription Active SL-5045 FAKKIRA GOUDA G PATIL Life Member Life Time
2 Subscription Active SL-3917 FAZALUR RAHMAN MOHAMMED Life Member Life Time
3 Subscription Active NL-7463 FAISAL MUSTAFA Life Member Life Time 28-Dec-2016
4 Subscription Active SL-4508 FRANCIES CELINE Life Member Life Time
5 Subscription Active SL-5439 F R JOSE VIRUPPEL Life Member Life Time
6 Subscription Active DL-653 FATIMA RAJA Life Member Life Time
7 Subscription Active DO-11440 FERHAN AHMED Ordinary Yearly
8 Subscription Active WL-11147 FARIDA SAYYED Life Member Life Time
9 Subscription Active CL-9635 FATEH BAHADUR SINGH Life Member Life Time
10 Subscription Active CL-9554 FAZILAT NIZAMI Life Member Life Time
11 Subscription Active DL-242 F C KATYAL Life Member Life Time
12 Subscription Active NL-11117 FAYAZ AHMAD LOAN Life Member Life Time
13 Subscription Active NL-4838 FLORENCE CHANDRAN Life Member Life Time
14 Subscription Active NL-9057 FANNY SINGAL Life Member Life Time
15 Subscription Active SL-11715 FR JOHN N V NEELANKAVIL Life Member Life Time
16 Subscription Active SL-4938 F S DURGANNAVAR Life Member Life Time
17 Subscription Active WL-131 FIRANGIZ M ENGINEER Life Member Life Time
18 Subscription Pending CL-12101 FAEEM AHMAD Life Member Life Time






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