ILA India
Serving Library Profession
Since 1933
ILA India
Serving Library Profession
Since 1933

S.No. Status Membership ID Email First Name Last Name Plan Duration Modified
1 Subscription Active DL-7765 WAZIR SINGH MOUR Life Member Life Time
2 Subscription Active SL-5601 WILSON K CHERUKULATH Life Member Life Time
3 Subscription Active WL-9430 WENDESSA THAKUR Life Member Life Time
4 Subscription Active WL-11658 WAGHMARE RAJIV KISHANRAO Life Member Life Time
5 Subscription Active WL-4312 WAHID H SHEIKH Life Member Life Time
6 Subscription Active EL-6655 WAKIDUR ROHMAN Life Member Life Time
7 Subscription Active NL-7308 WAJIH A ALVI Life Member Life Time
8 Subscription Active WL-3007 WAMAN BALIRAMJI RAUT Life Member Life Time


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