Call for Papers for Journal of Indian Library Association

The journal accepts research studies, review papers and other papers of scholarly nature for publication. The length of the paper should normally be within 5000 words. Papers submitted should neither be published nor sent for publication elsewhere. Copyright of all articles published or accepted for publication in the journal shall be reserved with the publisher. The author will be responsible for all view and opinions expressed by them in their papers and also for all copyright issues. A final PDF of the article followed by a hard copy of the issue will be sent to principal author free of cost.

It is mandatory for authors to submit manuscript in MS Word via online submission system at:

In case of problems in uploading files, a copy may be   E-mailed to:

The submitted paper should contain the following:

Title page: consisting of (i) Author(s) full name (s); (ii) Authors affiliation/ official position; (iii) e-mail id of author(s); (iv) biography of  author(s): (v) an abstract (not more than 150 words); (vi) six to ten keywords representing the  subject contents of the paper.

Contents of the Paper/Article: The text of the matter should preferably be set on A4 size paper in ‘Times New Roman’ with 11 font size. The references provided in the text of the paper should be properly cited with full bibliographical details in APA format at the end of the article.

Some sample references are:

Hill, S. Knowledge management: a new career path for the information profession. In: Proceedings of 22ndInternational online information meeting. London, 9-10, December 1998, Oxford: Learned Information. 1998, 149–156.

Houghton, B. Preservation challenges in the digital age. D-Lib Magazine, 22(7/8), 2016. [accessed 31 August 2016].

Abell, A., Oxbrow, N. Competing with knowledge: the information professionals in the knowledge management age. London: Library Association Publishing, 2000.

Roknuzzaman, M. & Umemoto, K. Knowledge management's relevance to library and information science: an interdisciplinary approach. Journal of Information & Knowledge Management. 7 (4), 2008, 279–290.

Mishra, J. Digital libraries: issues and concerns. In: Raina, RoshanLal, ed.: Impact of information management and services. Lucknow: National Botanical Research Institute, 2003.



All graphs, tables and figures may preferably be sent in JPEG/TIFF Image file.

All subject names and technical terms should start with capital letters.

Reference Numbers may be put within square brackets.



Prof. Shabahat Husain

President, Indian Library Association


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Aligarh Muslim University,

Aligarh, India

Volume Editor

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Visiting Scientist,

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