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A Study on Awareness of Reading habits in Book Festival at Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu

M Mani, A Thirumagal, R R Saravanakumar, K Sethupathy


Book fairs play a great role in encouraging the reading habit among the people of all age groups. It is a basic and an imperative objective to make an educated society in this world. It shapes the identity of an individual and encourages them to build up the best possible reasoning techniques and making new thoughts. At display because the impact of the broad communications, individuals couldn't demonstrate much enthusiasm for perusing books, magazines and diaries, and so on, in this manner there is a need to build up the perusing propensities among the people in the general public. The present study investigates the reading habit among the public in a book festival at Tirunelveli. The purpose of this study is to know about the different aspects of reading habits of people through a book fair and opinions about the book fair at Tirunelveli. All the data obtained in the present study are presented in the form of tables for final interpretations.

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