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Accuracy of References in Malaysian Journal of Library and Information Science

Vishnu Kumar Gupta


The research was conducted to check the reference accuracy in the research papers published in the Malaysian Journal of Library and Information Science (MJLIS), volume 22, in 2017. One hundred journal references, randomly selected from 20 articles choosing five references from each article, were verified completely splitting them into seven bibliographic components, viz. Author’s name, Article title, Journal title, Year, Volume number, Issue number, and Pages (both first and last page). These elements were verified from the original articles. Findings indicate that 67% (67) references in MJLIS contained no errors, while only 33% (33) references were erroneous. In 33 defective references, a total of 51 inaccuracies were detected, out of which 26 were minor and 25 were major errors. The highest errors (13) were detected in the article title element, while lowest errors (2) were found in the year element. The average number of errors in references was 0.51. A robust mechanism is required to maintain the reference accuracy in accordance with standards as well as quality of the research papers published in the MJLIS.

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