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Indian Research Output on Jaundice Publication Using Scopus Database: A Scientometric Study (1998-2017)

Ravi Shukla


The article highlights the research output on ‘Jaundice’ research publications in India during the period (1998-2017) by using the Scopus database. From the marked period of study a total 3193 research papers were published on ‘Jaundice’, in which out of total 3193 publications, the highest 9.74% of research papers were published in both two years i.e. 2012 and 2015. The maximum annual growth rate 71.88 was recorded in the year 2000, the highest 0.533 relational growth rate recorded in the year 2000 and 8.25 doubling time recorded in 2017. S K Sarin was a most productive author with 26 contributions, while the highest 2451 (76.76%) publications were ‘Article’ type documents during the period of study.

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